Fantasy Tennis Season Preview 2017

The New Year sees the start of the 2017 tennis season and a new year of fantasy tennis. I’m excited for both. Here I preview the main fantasy tennis games out there for those interested in competing in 2017.


Tennis Draw Challenge

This is, for me, now the biggest online fantasy tennis site, with players from all over the world taking part. This is partly because it covers every ATP & WTA event. The competition therefore kicks off soon, with the pre-Australian Open warm-up tournaments that get going in the week beginning 2nd January – 3 ATP events & 2 WTA ones.

This site effectively offers four different games that cover the whole season. In addition, if you would rather not complete a bracket or team for every tournament, you always have the option of just playing in the slams or masters events etc.


ATP Brackets

The 2016 competition was won by Deflated Hot Dogs, with yours truly finishing in 2nd spot. Over the course of the season there were 65 brackets to fill in, from lowly 250 events through to the slams. Points are awarded for each correct pick you make, with more points going for the later rounds. To win this event you need to be very consistent with your picks, playing the percentages but going for informed risks to move ahead of your rivals.


WTA Brackets

The 2016 competition was won by digor, with podium finishes for Adunar and Edu_Anackin. The season long competition covers 58 brackets. I certainly found the WTA tour harder to predict – but last year was the first season that TDC offered WTA events, so it was a learning experience for everyone.


Watch the tips for Bracket format video made by Edu_Anackin:

ATP Teams

Adunar was the 2016 winner, some distance ahead of myself and dwightcharles. The Teams competition offers more of a strategic format. For each tournament you pick a certain number of players – from 4 in the 250s to 7 in the slams. Each player scores you ATP points according to how they perform in the event. The strategic element is that you only get a maximum of 8 picks for each player over the course of the season. This means that for the top players, you need to choose wisely when to use them and when to save them.


WTA Teams

Edu_Anackin took this competition in 2016, closely followed by Tono. This is likely to be another tough competition in 2017. Players will have to factor in the return of Sharapova, Azarenka and Kvitova to competition during the season and how many tournaments Serena will play. Good luck to everyone who takes on the challenge!


Watch the tips for Team format video made by Edu_Anackin:

Tennis Draw Challenge is completely free to play. There may be prizes available for this year’s competition – follow this site to receive any news on this, if and when we get it.


Grand Slam Fantasy Tennis

GSFT is an established and popular game covering all four slams. Competitors must select a team of 8 men and 8 women to score points in each slam. In addition, in the later rounds you must select the winner of each match. This is a great game to get involved in the excitement of the slams, with an active forum of tennis fans. It is free to play, with no prizes. Competition starts with the Australian Open.


Tennis Challenge by Tiger Mobiles

At time of writing, I have no definite confirmation that Tennis Challenge is going ahead in 2017, but I hope it does. Tennis Challenge offers a bracket competition for all mens slams and masters events. It has had generous prizes in the past while being free to play and therefore attracts a loyal following. The overall winner last year was MickeyCarlo, who won an iPad Pro. Competition starts with the Australian Open.


These aren’t the only fantasy comps running this year – for more details see our Fantasy Tennis page. Know of any good games we haven’t mentioned? Feel free to post in the comment section below.



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