New Fantasy Tennis Game for 2017

A new fantasy tennis game has been introduced for 2017.

Fantasy Tennis League, supported by the Australian Tennis Federation, starts with the Australian Open. It is a strategic format that covers the entire season, all the way through to the World Tour Finals.

It borrows some ideas from the world of fantasy football. You have a squad of 16 players, 8 of whom can be picked to play each week. You can select both men and women, with no hard rules about numbers of each. You are given a budget of $100m with which to buy your squad, with players priced differently according to their scoring potential. Players can be regularly traded throughout the season, but watch out: their price will rise or fall over the course of the year, depending on their performance.

The scoring system is pretty complicated: points can be scored during each game of the tournament! In addition, points are accrued in more traditional ways, such as winning sets and winning tournaments. One of your players is a ‘captain’ for the week, which sees them gain an extra 50% of their points. The points system makes it difficult to assess whether or not you are getting ‘value’ for each player. This is a game where everyone will have to learn the best strategy as they play along. For full details of the points scoring system, check out the website. Give yourself a bit of time to get your head round it all!

Fantasy Tennis League has the potential to be a great addition to the Fantasy Tennis community. Covering all the top tournaments, every week, makes it a serious rival to Tennis Draw Challenge. It has options for private leagues and also some prizes, notably tickets to next year’s Australian Open for the overall winner. It’s certainly an ambitious project, and time will tell if the team behind it can deliver week on week. But it’s free to play, so there’s no harm in giving it a try for the Australian Open.

Good Luck with all your fantasy tennis competitions this season!


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